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At Propress we pride ourselves on our unique design and the performance, quality and longevity of our products. Our Steamers are made using stainless steel boilers and our aluminium nozzle is five times more efficient than its plastic competitor.

Testimonials repeatedly endorse that Propress Steamers represent great value for money with outstanding performance, and our after sales service is a testament to our commitment to each and every customer.

The design thinking and high-quality British manufacturing behind a Propress Steamer mean that it is not the cheapest on the market. But it also means that it is the most versatile, effective, reliable and cost effective in the long term. And here’s why…

Propress 580G Granite steamer body only - offset


The efficiency of a Propress Professional Clothes Steamer means you simply spend less time per garment, reducing demands on manpower, freeing yourself to attend to other aspects of your business, and getting fabrics where you most need them sooner – on display. Its reliability means that time is also very rarely lost in servicing, repairs or replacements.


Propress Professional Clothes Steamers save money for businesses in several ways. First and foremost the long life of the Steamer means that cheaper options often prove to be a false economy: in a professional environment you won’t find better long-term value than a Propress Garment Steamer. It cannot be a matter of coincidence that nearly all charities, competing in a challenging high-street environment, choose Propress Steamers. In fact, our models have such long lives that stores regularly call up for replacements quoting model numbers from the last century!

Nozzle in use steaming black embroidered dress
Propress stainless steel steamer boiler tanks


Propress Professional Clothes and Fabric Steamers provide peace of mind for top brands, and events organisers, whose own reputations are based on quality and reliability. They won’t let you down when it counts. Our garment steamers love fabric, and they bring the best out of even delicate fibres such as silk, cashmere, brocade and lace, rejuvenating them sheen-free. The quality of the steam enables them to tackle even the toughest folds and crinkles, making them an indispensible tool for soft furnishings retailers. It’s so versatile – the aluminium head even doubles as an iron to take care of precise detailing. It comes with an adjustable garment hook, allowing you to steam your pieces exactly as you wish.