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In fashion, you get one chance. One turn on the catwalk. One photo shoot. Perhaps even one garment that can not, under any circumstances, be stained or damaged. It pays to get it right, when there are long-term repercussions for getting it wrong. Garments are designed with a particular vision in mind, and a Propress Professional Garment Steamer helps realise and convey that vision: no other clothes steamer puts so much flexibility, sensitivity and power in your hands. You get the look you want, when you want it.

Lady steams with Pink PRO580P steamer backstage at London Fashion WeekRear view of group of models walking down catwalk

Propress Garment Steamers are suitable for all types of clothing, and are safe for use on velvets, silk, linen, wool, cashmere, appliqués, embroidery and even lingerie. Their speed gets new stock where you need it right away – on display! It is a great way to breathe new life into a window display, too. The Steamer also comes with an adjustable hanger to allow for flexible, precise steaming.

Milliners rejoice! The Propress hat nozzle attachment means that you can have the Propress Steamer on your worktop, while you use the steam to mold and shape your creation.


Wedding dresses often run well into four figures. They take time, great skill and delicacy, and are of massive emotional importance to their owners. If there’s one day in a woman’s life when she needs things to be perfect, it’s her wedding day. A Propress Professional Garment Steamer is the most sensitive and versatile tool to help achieve this, gentle on the silk and, most importantly, non drip, non spit, and non snag with its specialised aluminium nozzle.

Interior shot of Bridal Boutique with Propress steamer to one side

Of course it doesn’t end there. A groom and his ushers need to look sharp, that’s why so many dress hire companies rely on Propress Steamers to steam morning suits, dinner jackets and even the topper! And that’s not all, the marquee lining, the chair covers and table cloth all get the star treatment to ensure the perfect day goes without a crease! Try them on veils, tails, and satin shoes. Revitalise your window display in minutes. Use the aluminium head to achieve precise detailing effects.

Busy boutiques and Bridal shops sometimes have to fit steaming in around serving their important customers, which is why we recommend the Propress PRO580 Steamer. Its standby function means that you can get straight back to steaming after making the sale. We normally recommend buying it with the 1.65m hose, but the longer 2m hose can be better if you stock longer, fuller gowns. If you have the facility to hang your dresses up high, a 2m hose will make swift work of even the longest train.

Close up of nozzle and pleating and beading on wedding gown
Lace wedding dress hung in blooming tree in spring garden


Behind the glitz and glamour of showbiz is a serious amount of hard work. Whether you are reading the news, appearing in a dance off, or the latest blockbuster movie, costumes and set dressings have to be immaculately presented, often after travelling stuffed into the back of a van on their way to the filming location. Many costumiers and wardrobe departments, as well as celebs constantly in the public eye, have the perfect solution – a Propress Steamer.

Lady with action slate
Studio shot with focus on camera viewfinder in newsroom

Creases drop out with ease, making your finished article look stunning – even in HD! Propress recommends the PRO290 Steamer (with carrying case for location work). Its hot dense steam and smooth aluminium nozzle will make fast work of any imperfections in your garments.

Need the long curtains in a stately home or in a theatre to be crease free? Try a Drapery kit. The 3m hose and extension poles mean you can steam even long drops while still standing on the floor (no more hauling a Steamer halfway up a rickety stepladder!)


White apartment panoramic view

Propress Fabric Steamers have been designed for extensive use in a demanding professional environment. Many consumers demanding these same high standards, also now recognise the benefits of steaming at home. In fact Propress Professional Steamers are used domestically more than ever.

Domestic users most commonly buy the PRO290 Model Steamer. With 70 minutes of steam time this Steamer will suffice for all but the most extensive wardrobes! Try using your Steamer around the house too; steam will un-crease your curtains, refresh your mattress and sofa, and remove dents and creases in carpets.

Lady uses Pink PRO580P steamer to steam curtains by a window

Propress Fabric Steamers generate hotter, denser steam, which is a great advantage when it comes to heavy fabrics and tough crinkles and creases. The centrally heated tank provides steam that is still fully effective even at the end of a three-metre hose, which leaves fabrics hanging perfectly, without a sheen – breathing life back into the fabric . Its non-spit nozzle provides peace of mind for use with lighter-coloured fabrics, too. Stains can be expensive things.

Our versatile Fabric Steamers are used everywhere from antique and contemporary furniture to yachts, caravans and motor cars, and by curtain-makers, carpet fitters and upholsterers. The hose’s flexibility and performance allow it to be used in the workroom, on the shop floor, and in situ at the customer’s premises, taking care of the inevitable problems arising from transport. No matter how high the drop or the intricacy of the pelmet and swags, wrinkles are removed instantly.

Close up of steamer nozzle in use on sofa arm padding

Propress Professional Steamers are safe for use on velvets, silks, linens, delicate embroidery and even PVC. They cannot scorch or burn.

If you are planning to take a Steamer out on site, consider purchasing one of our Curtain Fitters Bundle. This is a great way to save a bit of money while providing you with everything you could need to make a job go smoothly. There are 2 Curtain Fitters Bundles – the Professional and the Junior. The Professional Curtain Fitters bundle is a PRO582 4 litre Propress Steamer with 2m hose, and the option to purchase a Drapery Kit (3m hose with extension poles) and Carrying Case at a discounted price. The PRO582 is the top of the line Propress Steamer, but if you can’t yet afford the Professional Curtain Fitters Bundle, the Junior Curtain Fitters Bundle offers the same discounts on accessories along with the smaller PRO292 Propress Steamer. The PRO292 Steamer has about 70 minutes of continuous steam, but doesn’t have the standby feature that makes the PRO582 so versatile and efficient.


Propress Steamers confer two great advantages on the charity sector. First is their ability to rejuvenate materials and magically bring them back to life – clearly a great advantage to those who need older and used garments to appear as fresh and appealing as possible.

Secondly charity shops have a high turnover of clothing. It’s no good having cheap machines that clog up and cease to function after a matter of months – all have learned that this is a false economy. The reliability and longevity of the Propress Clothes Steamer pays for itself many times over, in the long term. In fact many charity shops have been known to call asking for a new version of a model number from the last century. Buy it once, buy it right, Propress Steamers are that reliable!

Lady browsing in charity shop

We offer substantial discounts for Registered Charities on Propress Steamers to be used in their charity shops. If you can provide us with your Registered Charity number, we can offer you a range of services and offers specially tailored to meet the demands of a busy charity shop. We are a Platinum Member of the Charity Retail Association’s supplier directory and have over 30 years of experience working with the unique challenges faced by the not-for-profit sector. Contact us directly to discuss your requirements and we are sure we will be able to help.

“I have been buying Propress Steamers for the last 8 years. They have a great product and they back that up with exceptional customer service. I would happily recommend Propress to anyone looking to purchase a steamer.”Karen Bilsby, Head of Retail, Rainbows Children's Hospice

If you are a registered charity who would like to buy online, please contact us – once we have your Charity Registration Number we can give you a discount code to apply to your purchase.

For registered charities, we recommend the PRO580 Model Propress Steamer. This Steamer has approximately 125 minutes of continuous steam and, crucially, a standby feature that keeps the water warm if you are interrupted while steaming (almost guaranteed in a busy charity shop!). Registered charities also get an extended warranty if they purchase this model of Propress Steamer.