I’ve tried everything and it’s still not working, what next?

It sounds like your Propress Steamer needs a service, don’t worry – we’re here to help!

Return to base for servicing.

Propress has been making and servicing Propress Steamers for over 30 years. If there’s something wrong with your Propress Steamer and you’ve gone through all the troubleshooting options, it’s time for a service by the professionals.

  • Call us on free phone 0508 243 629 or email Bruce Moore Enterprises Ltd with your details.
    We will need to know:
    • your business name and address (physical, postal and email),
    • the steamer’s serial number (there should be a small sticker on the side with this on),
    • a description of what’s wrong with your steamer.  We don’t expect you to be an engineer, but if you can give us a broad description of what it is doing (or not doing), it gives our engineers a place to start with the repairs.
  • Pack your Propress Steamer for transit.  
    This means:
    • take off the hose and poles (if there’s nothing wrong with these do not send them to us – we just need the body of the machine. If you need only a hose repair then send the hose and its fittings only), 
    • make sure the machine is empty of water,
    • box the body of the machine up in a sturdy cardboard box (its carry case is good for this), put something with your address inside the box (so we know who has sent it),
    • Courier the package to us at:
      Bruce Moore Enterprises Ltd.,
      55 Longhurst Tce.,
      Christchurch 8022
  • Our engineers will inspect, repair and test your steamer. Propress Steamer repairs usually cost between $100.00 and $500.00+GST depending on the age and condition of the unit. Most repairs take 5 working days or less.

We understand that many of our customers cannot be without their steamers even for a few days.  If this is the case for you give us a call on 0508 243 629 and we can hire a Propress Steamer to cover you for the duration of the repair.