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The new handheld garment steamer has arrived
We are pleased to announce the recent addition of Propress MINI to our range of garment steamers. Aimed at the home user, stylists, window dressers and curtain fitters, the Mini packs plenty of punch into a small, lightweight and portable handheld steamer.

With a heat up time of just 45 seconds, it makes quick work of removing wrinkles and creases from your favourite garments, steaming, smoothing, de-creasing and sanitising, so they are ready to wear. The Mini comes in 3 stylish colours,
  • Arctic Grey,
  • Idol Blue and
  • Vintage Pink.

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The Mini comes complete with a detachable water tank.

Also available separately, is the 'Big Belly' larger capacity water tank, which increases steaming time from 7 to 13 minutes approximately.

You need to purchse this as an extra.

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Save time and money, caring for your clothes in a more hygienic and sustainable way with less damage to the fibres and the environment than washing and ironing.

The coated heated aluminium iron plate, which disperses the steam, ensures great performance.

Propress-Mini package includes

The Mini comes complete with a travel bag, steaming mitt and detachable water tank.

The Iron Age Is Over!

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