Getting Started

Your Propress Steamer has arrived and you want to open the box and start steaming. What’s in the box? Everything you need to get up and steaming.

In your box you will find:

  • Propress Steamer
  • 3 Part Pole Assembly with Top Hook
  • Hose Assembly
  • 3 Castors
  • Funnel
  • Instruction Booklet

To setup your steamer:

  1. Fit press-on castors to locating holes in chassis.
  2. Screw poles together firmly. Ensure hook on pole set is positioned over steamer; this increases stability when garments are hung from the pole set. The pole set height can be adjusted by adding or removing the short 17cm pole.
  3. Attach hose to hose coupling and remove protective cover from nozzle. Hang nozzle as shown. Always return hose to this position when not in use as shown in video.

Your Propress Steamer comes with an Instruction Booklet and a Health & Safety Poster. To use the steamer safely you must read the instruction booklet before use. If your instruction booklet is lost or missing you can download a replacement here or contact us for a free replacement on free phone 0508 243 629 or email