Propress Descaler Twin Pack


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Mild descaler – Recommended by Propress Steamers – Twin pack. Each pack calculated to be the right amount to descale a Propress Steamer – Just mix with hot water and pour in.

Limescale forms on heating elements and surfaces due to calcium found in water. This decreases performance, increases running costs and shortens the life of the element.

Clean your steamer regularly with Propress Descaler to keep it limescale and trouble free.

Propress Descaler is a specially formulated mild citric acid that is safe for use in commercial environments.  The mild acid ensures that the exposed element inside the machine is not damaged, whilst being powerful enough to thoroughly clean out the inside of the steamer.

All descalers contain some form of acid, it is very important to rinse out your steamer after the use of descaler.

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