Propress Pole Set


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Compatible with all Propress Steamers manufactured from 2004 onwards.

Made from brushed aluminium, this 4 part pole set is designed to screw together and unscrew section by section for ease of transportation.
The double sided hook serves as a resting place for the steam nozzle when not in use, or as a convenient hook to hang clothes from while steaming.
The short extension pole is an optional six-inch pole that raises the hook height, for use with longer dresses (or taller users!)

The pole set consists of (from bottom): 1 x optional short piece extension pole 1 x middle pole 1 x top pole 1 x hook.

The base pole (normally affixed to the base of the steamer) is not included but can be ordered separately over the phone on 0508 243 629. This is pole set is compatible with all screw-type pole sets on all models of Propress Steamer.

NB it is designed to screw into a female base pole affixed to the steamer. If your base pole has a male thread sticking out of it you will need to remove this (unscrew), or purchase a new base pole before fitting.

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